Finding the Right Supplier
You can filter the type of supplier on the search results page.
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Buyer Protection
Buyers can pay safely for their orders with the Buyer Protection Service by and place orders directly.
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Gold Supplier
Gold Suppliers have gone through onsite check and A&V check which guarantee their identities as a legally registered business on BDTDC.
Assessed Supplier
Gold Suppliers are inspected onsite by an impartial third party and assigned as Assessed Suppliers. They include Assessment Reports, Verified Videos and Verified Main Products.
Contacting the Right Supplier
There are three methods to contact a supplier.
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Success Stories


Renascent College

AustrBdan entrepreneur Lesley Mitchell was looking for a way to work on her business from home and lower overhead costs. She


Talk Audio Visual

Simon Walsh, the owner of Talk Audio Visual, offers a range of visual and communications products to the AustrBdan


Fluzzle Tube Part 2

In part 2 of Fluzzle Tube, we see Eduardo take a journey to China to meet his manufacturer in efforts to expand his

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