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We celebrate National day, Valentines, and fools in April – isn’t it time we celebrate the innovators who actually make all of this other fun stuff possible?

Bdtdc Entrepreneurs’ Day

Bdtdc Entrepreneurs’ Day. The purpose of the Bdtdc Entrepreneurs’ Day is to create awareness for entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership throughout the world and Bangladesh. With Bdtdc Entrepreneurs’ Day is the perfect day to celebrate the people who starts a business alone and is the day of founders, students, staff and faculty members, managers, producers, industrialists, innovators, administrators, designers and producers.

Entrepreneurship has its importance in corporate sector as well as social sector. No doubt, entrepreneurship is profit generating but yet responsible to give back to the society, and develop civic sense and character building characteristics

BDTDC invites everyone to organize happenings around the world to promote Bdtdc Entrepreneurs’ Day. Bdtdc Entrepreneurs’ Day is a great opportunity to push philanthropic, social and ethical business practices via conferences, awards and initiatives.

A Global Leader in Entrepreneurship

Bangladesh Trade Development Council (), Entrepreneurship Internship Programs. An internship program that connects students with Bangladesh and Global Entrepreneurs.

Students and employers alike benefit from the Entrepreneurship Internship Program at Entrepreneurship Center. It is our mission to connect students with internship opportunities that will further develop their skill set and professional....

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