Factory price 7 inch Tablet PC low price mini laptop

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US $23-26 / pieces
Min.Order Quantity: 10 pieces
Supply Ability: 50000 pieces per Month
Payment terms:L/C,Western Union,MoneyGram,Cash
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China Trading Company


Established 2015
30 years OEM
77.0% Response Rate
Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Q88 tablet
10 pieces


Quick Details

  • Type: Tablet PC
  • Products Status: Stock
  • Screen Size: 7"
  • Processor Manufacture: Allwinnder A23.A33
  • Processor Type: Allwinner
  • Processor Main Frequency: 1.3GHZ
  • Hard Drive Capacity: 4GB
  • Memory Capacity: 512MB
  • Touch Screen Type: Capacitive Screen
  • Display resolution: 800x480
  • Battery Life: about 6-8hours
  • Operating System: Android 4.4
  • Weight: 0.6
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: OEM
  • Model Number: Q88 tablet
  • Color: Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Black, Blue, Pink, Red, White
  • Customers logo and box: Yes
  • battery/camera: 3000mah,2 camera
  • especial: make tablet over 4 years quality stable
  • warranty: 2 years
  • CPU: Allwinner A23,A33,dual core,quad core
  • Memory: 512MB/4G
  • whatsapp/phone: +8613272175912
  • Web: www.newsunda.com
  • Market: Hot selling in spain,italy,france,usa,canada

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Retail package with full accessory
Whatsapp +8613272175912

hot seller cheapest android phone  7" tablet laptops prices in china    

  Whatsapp +8613272175912

Product Description


SpecificationScreen7' capacitive touch screen,800*480OSAndroid 4.4.2 Support  Flash11.3CPUAllwinner,A23,A33, Dual Core,quad core, 1.2GHzRAM/ROM512MB/4GB DDR3 Camera0.3M/2.0MCapacity extensionTF/Micro SD, up to 32GMain features2*SIM, 360degree G-sensor,ColorBlack, white,pink,red,blueNetworkNetworkWIFI:802.11b/g/nFormatsAudioMP3,WMA,MP2,OGG,AAC,M4A,MA4,FLAC,APE,3GP,WAVVideoAVI, RM, RMVB, MP4, MKV, WMV, MOV, DAT, VOB, PMP, MPEG, MPG, FLV, ASF, TS, TP, 3GP, etc.E-book/PictureAVI,RM,RMVB,MP4,MKV,WMV,MOV,DAT,VOB,PMP,MPEG,MPG,FLV,ASF,TS,TP,3GP,etcApplicationGoogle Play (Android Market)MSN, Skype, Gmail, Apps, etcPowerBattery 3000mAh,220V,5V-2AOthersSlots and Ports1*TF Card2*SIM1*Micro USB OTG 1*Earphone JackAccessories1 X charger1 X USB cable1 X OTG1 X manual
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{"product_id":4308,"language_id":0,"name":"Factory price 7 inch Tablet PC low price mini laptop ","description":"<article class=\"article\">    <h2>Quick Details<\/h2>                    <ul class=\"attr-list\"><li>                    <span class=\"attr-name\" title=\"Type:\">Type:<\/span>                    <span class=\"attr-value\" title=\"Tablet PC\">Tablet PC<\/span>                    <\/li><li>                    <span class=\"attr-name\" title=\"Products Status:\">Products Status:<\/span>                    <span class=\"attr-value\" title=\"Stock\">Stock<\/span>                    <\/li><li>                    <span class=\"attr-name\" title=\"Screen Size:\">Screen Size:<\/span>                    <span class=\"attr-value\" title=\"7"\">7\"<\/span>                    <\/li><li>                    <span class=\"attr-name\" title=\"Processor Manufacture:\">Processor Manufacture:<\/span>                    <span class=\"attr-value\" title=\"Allwinnder A23.A33\">Allwinnder A23.A33<\/span>                    <\/li><li>                    <span class=\"attr-name\" title=\"Processor Type:\">Processor Type:<\/span>                    <span class=\"attr-value\" title=\"Allwinner\">Allwinner<\/span>                    <\/li><li>                    <span class=\"attr-name\" title=\"Processor Main Frequency:\">Processor Main Frequency:<\/span>                    <span class=\"attr-value\" title=\"1.3GHZ\">1.3GHZ<\/span>                    <\/li><li>                    <span class=\"attr-name\" title=\"Hard Drive Capacity:\">Hard Drive Capacity:<\/span>                    <span class=\"attr-value\" title=\"4GB\">4GB<\/span>                    <\/li><li>                    <span class=\"attr-name\" title=\"Memory Capacity:\">Memory Capacity:<\/span>                    <span class=\"attr-value\" title=\"512MB\">512MB<\/span>                    <\/li><li>                    <span class=\"attr-name\" title=\"Touch Screen Type:\">Touch Screen Type:<\/span>                    <span class=\"attr-value\" title=\"Capacitive Screen\">Capacitive Screen<\/span>                    <\/li><li>                    <span class=\"attr-name\" title=\"Display resolution:\">Display resolution:<\/span>                    <span class=\"attr-value\" title=\"800x480\">800x480<\/span>                    <\/li><li>                    <span class=\"attr-name\" title=\"Battery Life:\">Battery Life:<\/span>                    <span class=\"attr-value\" title=\"about 6-8hours\">about 6-8hours<\/span>                    <\/li><li>                    <span class=\"attr-name\" title=\"Operating System:\">Operating System:<\/span>                    <span class=\"attr-value\" title=\"Android 4.4\">Android 4.4<\/span>                    <\/li><li>                    <span class=\"attr-name\" title=\"Weight:\">Weight:<\/span>                    <span class=\"attr-value\" title=\"0.6\">0.6<\/span>                    <\/li><li>                    <span class=\"attr-name\" title=\"Place of Origin:\">Place of Origin:<\/span>                    <span class=\"attr-value\" title=\"Guangdong, China (Mainland)\">Guangdong, China (Mainland)<\/span>                    <\/li><li>                    <span class=\"attr-name\" title=\"Brand Name:\">Brand Name:<\/span>                    <span class=\"attr-value\" title=\"OEM\">OEM<\/span>                    <\/li><li>                    <span class=\"attr-name\" title=\"Model Number:\">Model Number:<\/span>                    <span class=\"attr-value\" title=\"Q88  tablet\">Q88  tablet<\/span>                    <\/li><li>                    <span class=\"attr-name\" title=\"Color:\">Color:<\/span>                    <span class=\"attr-value\" title=\"Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Black, Blue, Pink, Red, White\">Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Black, Blue, Pink, Red, White<\/span>                    <\/li><li>                    <span class=\"attr-name\" title=\"Customers logo and box:\">Customers logo and box:<\/span>                    <span class=\"attr-value\" title=\"Yes\">Yes<\/span>                    <\/li><li>                    <span class=\"attr-name\" title=\"battery\/camera:\">battery\/camera:<\/span>                    <span class=\"attr-value\" title=\"3000mah,2 camera\">3000mah,2 camera<\/span>                    <\/li><li>                    <span class=\"attr-name\" title=\"especial:\">especial:<\/span>                    <span class=\"attr-value\" title=\"make tablet over 4 years quality stable\">make tablet over 4 years quality stable<\/span>                    <\/li><li>                    <span class=\"attr-name\" title=\"warranty:\">warranty:<\/span>                    <span class=\"attr-value\" title=\"2 years\">2 years<\/span>                    <\/li><li>                    <span class=\"attr-name\" title=\"CPU:\">CPU:<\/span>                    <span class=\"attr-value\" title=\"Allwinner A23,A33,dual core,quad core\">Allwinner A23,A33,dual core,quad core<\/span>                    <\/li><li>                    <span class=\"attr-name\" title=\"Memory:\">Memory:<\/span>                    <span class=\"attr-value\" title=\"512MB\/4G\">512MB\/4G<\/span>                    <\/li><li>                    <span class=\"attr-name\" title=\"whatsapp\/phone:\">whatsapp\/phone:<\/span>                    <span class=\"attr-value\" title=\"+8613272175912\">+8613272175912<\/span>                    <\/li><li>                    <span class=\"attr-name\" title=\"Web:\">Web:<\/span>                    <span class=\"attr-value\" title=\"www.newsunda.com\">www.newsunda.com<\/span>                    <\/li><li>                    <span class=\"attr-name\" title=\"Market:\">Market:<\/span>                    <span class=\"attr-value\" title=\" Hot selling in spain,italy,france,usa,canada\"> Hot selling in spain,italy,france,usa,canada<\/span>                    <\/li><\/ul><\/article>    <article class=\"article\"><h2>Packaging & Delivery<\/h2><table class=\"table\"><tbody><tr><th>Packaging Details:<\/th><td>Retail package with full accessory<br>Whatsapp +8613272175912<\/td><\/tr><\/tbody><\/table><\/article>                                                            <p style=\"text-align: center;\"><span style=\"font-size: 32px;\"> hot seller cheapest android phone  7\" tablet laptops prices in china    <\/span><\/p><p style=\"text-align: center;\" data-section-blank=\"AliPostDhMb-r8n2o\"><span style=\"color: #ff0000; background-color: #ffcc00; font-size: 18px;\"> <b> Whatsapp +8613272175912<\/b><\/span><\/p><p id=\"ali-title-AliPostDhMb-r8n2o\" style=\"padding: 8px 0; border-bottom: 1px solid #ddd;\"><span style=\"background-color: #ddd; color: #333; font-weight: bold; padding: 8px 10px; line-height: 12px;\">Product Description<\/span><\/p><p> <\/p> <tr style=\"height: 15.75pt;\" align=\"left\"><td style=\"width: 67pt; height: 126pt;\" rowspan=\"8\">Specification<\/td><td style=\"width: 131pt;\">Screen<\/td><td style=\"width: 295pt;\" colspan=\"6\">7' capacitive touch screen,800*480<\/td><\/tr><tr style=\"height: 15.75pt;\" align=\"left\"><td>OS<\/td><td colspan=\"6\">Android 4.4.2 Support  Flash11.3<\/td><\/tr><tr style=\"height: 15.75pt;\" align=\"left\"><td>CPU<\/td><td colspan=\"6\">Allwinner,A23,A33, Dual Core,quad core, 1.2GHz<\/td><\/tr><tr style=\"height: 15.75pt;\" align=\"left\"><td>RAM\/ROM<\/td><td colspan=\"6\">512MB\/4GB DDR3 <\/td><\/tr><tr style=\"height: 15.75pt;\" align=\"left\"><td>Camera<\/td><td colspan=\"6\">0.3M\/2.0M<\/td><\/tr><tr style=\"height: 15.75pt;\" align=\"left\"><td>Capacity extension<\/td><td colspan=\"6\">TF\/Micro SD, up to 32G<\/td><\/tr><tr style=\"height: 15.75pt;\" align=\"left\"><td>Main features<\/td><td colspan=\"6\">2*SIM, 360degree G-sensor,<\/td><\/tr><tr style=\"height: 15.75pt;\" align=\"left\"><td>Color<\/td><td colspan=\"6\">Black, white,pink,red,blue<\/td><\/tr><tr style=\"height: 15.75pt;\" align=\"left\"><td style=\"height: 37.5pt;\" rowspan=\"3\">Network<\/td><td rowspan=\"3\">Network<\/td><td colspan=\"6\" rowspan=\"3\">WIFI:802.11b\/g\/n<\/td><\/tr><tr style=\"height: 15.75pt;\" align=\"left\"><td style=\"height: 55.5pt;\" rowspan=\"3\">Formats<\/td><td>Audio<\/td><td colspan=\"6\">MP3,WMA,MP2,OGG,AAC,M4A,MA4,FLAC,APE,3GP,WAV<\/td><\/tr><tr style=\"height: 15pt;\" align=\"left\"><td>Video<\/td><td colspan=\"6\">AVI, RM, RMVB, MP4, MKV, WMV, MOV, DAT, VOB, PMP, MPEG, MPG, FLV, ASF, TS, TP, 3GP, etc.<\/td><\/tr><tr style=\"height: 24.75pt;\" align=\"left\"><td>E-book\/Picture<\/td><td colspan=\"6\">AVI,RM,RMVB,MP4,MKV,WMV,MOV,DAT,VOB,PMP,MPEG,MPG,FLV,ASF,TS,TP,3GP,etc<\/td><\/tr><tr style=\"height: 15.75pt;\" align=\"left\"><td>Application<\/td><td>Google Play (Android Market)<\/td><td colspan=\"6\">MSN, Skype, Gmail, Apps, etc<\/td><\/tr><tr style=\"height: 15.75pt;\" align=\"left\"><td>Power<\/td><td>Battery <\/td><td colspan=\"6\">3000mAh,220V,5V-2A<\/td><\/tr><tr style=\"height: 15.75pt;\" align=\"left\"><td style=\"height: 126pt;\" rowspan=\"8\">Others<\/td><td rowspan=\"4\">Slots and Ports<\/td><td colspan=\"6\">1*TF Card<\/td><\/tr><tr style=\"height: 15.75pt;\" align=\"left\"><td style=\"width: 295pt;\" colspan=\"6\">2*SIM<\/td><\/tr><tr style=\"height: 15.75pt;\" align=\"left\"><td colspan=\"6\">1*Micro USB OTG <\/td><\/tr><tr style=\"height: 15.75pt;\" align=\"left\"><td colspan=\"6\">1*Earphone Jack<\/td><\/tr><tr style=\"height: 15.75pt;\" align=\"left\"><td style=\"height: 63pt;\" rowspan=\"4\">Accessories<\/td><td colspan=\"6\">1 X charger<\/td><\/tr><tr style=\"height: 15.75pt;\" align=\"left\"><td colspan=\"6\">1 X USB cable<\/td><\/tr><tr style=\"height: 15.75pt;\" align=\"left\"><td colspan=\"6\">1 X OTG<\/td><\/tr><td colspan=\"6\">1 X manual<\/td>","tag":"","meta_title":"","meta_description":"","meta_keyword":"Factory price 7 inch Tablet PC low price mini laptop ","created_at":"-0001-11-30 00:00:00","updated_at":"2016-05-24 04:53:34"}
Packages & Delivery
Basic Information
Newsunda is a manufacturer of tablet pc, moble phone, with well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force. With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs, our products are extensively used in consumer electronic and other industries. Our products are widely recognized and trusted by users and can meet continuously changing economic and social needs. We welcome new and old customers from all walks of life to contact us for future business relationships and mutual success!

Business Type: Trading Company  
Main Products: mobile phone, tablet pc ,  
Trade market
Main Markets: Bahrain
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Total Annual Sales Volume: US$5 Million - US$10 Million  
Export Percentage: 91% - 100%  
Main Market Total Revenue ( % )
Bahrain 10%
Bangladesh 30%
Barbados 10%
Belgium 10%
Bhutan 10%
Bolivia 10%
Bosnia and Herzegovina 10%
Botswana 10%
Trade Information
Factory Size (Sq.meters): 1,000 - 3,000 square meters  
Factory Location: 1417, Bldg. 1-C, Yatingyuan, Baoan Road, Gushu, Baoan Dist., Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
No. of Production Lines: 3  
Number of R&D Staff: 31 - 40 people  
Number of QC Staff: Less than 5 people  
Contract Manufacturing:

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