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Finding the best deal among hundreds of products and suppliers is just a click away. Buyers have the ease to compare among them and get hold of the right product from the right supplier. A click on ‘compare’ located on the search results enables comparing.

Suppliers’ identity

A suppliers’ identity can be recognized by the badges they hold. These safeguards the buyers by ensuring that the suppliers found on BDTDC are legally registered members.Although these badges guarantee their identity, however, they don’t confirm the genuineness of any goods displayed by the seller.

Administer orders with online trade center

Supervise the complete order process, keep track of the progress and shipping status as well as get the real-time and latest updates with our online trade center.


How it works?

Attain maximum Order Protection

Buyer Protection

Our Trade Assurance ensures buyers to source reliably with new supplier and order without any hesitation.

Enjoy full security on product payment for free

100% Payment protection

100% Product quality protection

100% On-time shipment protection

To earn complete protection:

1.CONFIRM your order online with a supplier.

Inspection Service

Bdtdc Inspection Service ensures product ideality as pre-shipment quality is checked.

We have a special inspection team who will drop in to the port or factory, observe and photograph the goods and hold an assessment to make sure that the products being manufactured, displayed and shipped meet the quality standards.

Logistics Service

Track your product delivery progress with our online shipment tracking as our delivery service is guaranteed and reliable. Our offers are reasonably priced besides being crystal clear.

BDTDC identity service

BDTDC service verifies the status of a buyer which helps suppliers build trust. This triples the response rate from your interested seller allowing you to build a long term business relationship.

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